Monday, August 17, 2009

a story of a cellphone can reflect a story about one's life itself!

So I did it. I have officially married the new Mr. MTN. He paid my lobola with a phone I could not open fast enough. Well, please don’t tell everyone that I paid for my own lobola that is a disgrace but this is how it is.

Ok, let me start the story from the top. I have been looking for a new phone for almost 2 years now.

The first 6 months was the last 6 months of my contract with Mr. Vodacom and we were going to take the matter further but no perfect phone presented itself.

So, I kept waiting and watching for the perfect shape, perfect features, perfect price, perfect as decided by me. Once in Vodacom when I expressed these desires and then they asked me to present my then current phone and the man uglily (allow me to form this word) and insensitively jeered at the fact that I even thought anything was wonderful about the one I had that I would even wait and weigh any future phones. That hurt me but I persevered with Vodacom till the final story of his unkindness towards me which included stripping off the numbers I loved. Change was then forced. This was practically being kicked out of the house and he changed the locks. Yellow glory awaited me. I came from blue how could I trust this yellow? I should have seen the colour as a good sign because I love the colour anyway. So I sort of fearfully looked at MTN direction. I then went to further discuss options of taking the relationship further with their phone deals. My sister waited in the wings for my other phone until she got herself another one because no phone would please me. She gave up.

My younger brother also attempted to solve my cell-phone problem for months until he also gave up. Almost 2 years later on Saturday, I thought my eyes finally found rest on this one phone only to find that it is missing one important thing – a better camera. So Mr. MTN shows me another one. He does not know that my dilemma hardly has all to do with function but function is as important as form perhaps a little less important. Function is wonderful but form must be just right. This is not a reflection on how I pick the perfect gentleman. Sort of but not quite. His function must be glorious enough to make his form look like a mere shadow even though the form is dearly acceptable if it is glorious. I have owned very few cell-phones in my life.
If one measured commitment according to that, then I think that I would pass for one who has very high commitment levels. I don’t get rid of you as soon as there’s something that sparkles more than you. My cell phone searches kind of reminds me of how my older brother picks a girl from the thousands who are already interested. He waits, weighs, thinks of every angle for what seems to be forever and we pray but clearly not nearly enough yet. But now I think we have added on the list somethings like ‘will she cope with the family?’ No. Not that kind of coping. Back to my phone. When I lost my phone 3 years ago I waited for 3 months and lived without a phone for that period. A phone is personal so here I do not apply my recycling methods. I also rejected all wonderful offers. I am sure you can’t believe that. I apply different rules to different things. I had to find one with my name written on it at first glance. I believe in love a first sight. If I like you at first sight I will like you forever. I am yet to be wrong. It has nothing to do with what one does but what my spirit tells me. So one glance at Sony Ericson and it sang my name. I owned it for 3 full years and struggled to find something I would feel the same way about.An i-phone is for stars and people who like things.
I would have liked it but its not enough. It’s not about the money and the glam. So I thought well something sort of similar in an affordable price range but it’s got to be right. Well, I went to Mr. Yellow on Sunday. The matter was settled in a few minutes with no endless paperwork. Little money involved and there it was. I asked if I could open it. He said sure. I did everything I could to compose myself. I managed. My hands could not be steady, I could not open the box fast enough.

Mr. Yellow looks at my hands then looks my face, he looks at the box again and as though he were seeing something far more to be happening here than his usual cellphone sales, he was compelled to say: “Oh, just let me open it for you. It’s like you’re opening a Christmas present!” he exclaims. I realise that I have been found out. After all, what woman opens her own engagement box and puts it on her own finger? It was Mr. Mtn's job to do this. He opened it and said: "take it". I grab the phone and it is marvelous to touch and  to behold. I exclaim: “Dude Yes! Do you know how long I have waited for the perfect phone and now to find it! To own it!” More points for Mr. Yellow Mtn as he says: “Can I see what did you had before?”
I whip my old one out and he responds sincerely impressed: “O yes, that was a really nice phone.” Mr. Blue in Vodacom had looked at it coldly and jeered that I had thought any good thing of my Sony. Mr. Yellow said it was great even though he had just slipped the sparkling more wonderful new ring on my finger. It’s not the most expensive phone on the market, no sir, no ma’m but it is the loveliest and most elegant phone I am yet to own. The ladies love it. The boys at work got their hands on it and they love it. They want one even though one just got a brand new phone 2 weeks ago. It is the new Nokia XpressMusic. Needless to say my boss has just walked in to come and see this phone the boys are talking about.

All I can say is thank you Lord :) Ask and it shall be given you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened. If God knows the number of hairs on our heads He sure can knows what fragrance perfumes we would most delight in or even cell-phones. He names every star. He counts your hair. He knows our full days. I didn't pray all the way to the cell-phone shop but God knows our thoughts before we even think them. He knows our past, present and future (Psalm139). The number of our days are in His books already. God knows every detail, the mundane, the important, the frustrations, the things that cause our hearts to thrill and He wants all of us – not just what we think He should know. He is either Lord of all or not Lord at all. He is Lord over this cell-phone too.

Much love SeekYe first the kingdom of God – not cell-phones and other things 1st and then those things will be added unto you…

Gotta go – I have some God seeking to do. Siki! Peace and love to you!

Rom 11:33-36
O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out! For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counselor? Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again? For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory forever. 

Friday, August 7, 2009

The greatest love gift

O the beauty of the grace God has lavished upon us! Grace is surely the most profound of all love gifts. It is the expression of the highest, deepest, widest love imaginable. Grace must be the highest form of the divine expression of His goodness towards us. If we miss this we miss everything that embodies Him. If we do not see this love we will not know His love, we will not appreciate it, we will not receive it and we will doubt His unquestionable goodness to us. God's grace is the ultimate window from which to see the truth. If it is not this window then all humanity is lost in darkness with no perception of this liberating truth that breaks every human bondage.

Grace tears the curtain that disqualified us from glory. Grace qualifies us for God's unattainable standards of glory. No king is worthy for this, no queen or prince nor priest of any kind but the miracle of the virgin birth of the Son of Man with incorruptible seed.

to be cont.

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