Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Righteousness of Nepotism a thought provoking response

This is a brilliant criticism and response to my article "The Righteousness of Nepotism". Nkosivumile Gola critics my ideas and explains why nepotism is so bad. This article was always about exploring a dangerous idea in order to get to the truth in a fresh manner. This response achieves that.

I do agree to acertain extent. This is a great read Siki thanx cc a lot for sharing such a thought provoking read. I think then we need to ask ourselves who is our brothers and sisters? I think Jesus gives us an answer to this question in Matthew 12:50. I believe Siki that in the verse you have quoted on Genesis about Joseph and brothers if our view of that verse just ends with Joseph and family and not based on the promise to Abraham our view will be very limitted. Remember here God is showing the protection of His seed not just Joseph and family.

I think also the question you pose on "how can one eats whilst their own flesh is starving?" I think the question should go beyong just your own flesh, the question should reach the point of neighbour, just to remind you the story of a good samaritan. I think we need to ask ourselves a question of who is our neighbour at each and every given moment of our lives. At the end of the day there is no one who should starve whilst I eat, be it if we from the same womb or not. This just reminded me of what once happened to me. I was on my way to work in the morning when I saw my uncle (utatomncinci) eating in the rubbish bean, I was so hurt on the day such that I returned home crying (I hardly cry Siki).

This worked me such that I couldnt face him, because I was asking myself why didnt he come home coz we always had food for him. This worked me to such an extent at which I felt like God was saying "Do you see how you feel when your own relative is in that situation? Thats exactly how I felt whenever I see any person going through that missery".

This I think it exposed me to myself, I had seen many people eating on a rubbish bean before but on that particular day when it turns out to be my own relative I was so hurt, why was it not hurting before? This exposed how selfish, selfcentric I was. I think nepotism itself is a natural response. Everone is capable of that, Especially in the natural sense. Nepotism in the way inwhich you have explained here does not carry the weight and the ability to say one of the most powerful phrases in the bible as written in the book of Acts "there is no one lacking".

As for the question of the disciples being relatives I think we need to understand God as the God of the family, I love Acts 16:31 because it says exactly that "believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household". I think you can start looking into that from Adam, Abraham, Lot, Noah, Israel itself and today its the human family. So that is Gods grace and not nepotism lol. Looking into Jesus and his believed profession, as it is said by theologians that Jesus was a capenter ofwhich the only biblical grounds that we can have as evidence to that is that His father was a capenter.

And according to the Jewish custorm family businesses were passed on to the son and siblings, I guesse that was the case with Paul and his tent making business. If nepotism was to be true or righteous then there is definately nothing wrong done by Oppeinheimer, ruperts, Debeers, Guptas hence those families will never be poor in SA. I think Jesus displays His will for the church in one of His seven sayings whilst he was hanging on that Cross. Jesus says to his mother (who is alreeady a widow as it is believed that Joseph have passed away in this time) "woman here is your son, son here is your mother". This instruction can be equated with his instruction that says "take care of the poor, widows etc". If nepotism was beyond families and reaching to the neighbours I think I would more agree to it.

Currently we are faced with so much injustice concerning it, look at the tendering system, BBBEE itself and employment in general. Many people are complaining about job promotions and the reasons behind is the fact that there are family relatives that normally comes and overtakes everone. I dont think the p[roblem we are faced with is closeness fleshly speaking but lack of leadership that identifies with the pain. Jesus did not only lead his relatives or the most influential people amongst those Jesus lead were not His relatives yet look at the impact they had in the world. Thomas sankara didnt employ that kind of family related leadership yet his impact was major. Self I think we need to define keeping my own experience in mind, I am for the bigger picture and yes the family is as important but i think we should not have borders we creating in dealing with this. Let me pause.....

Monday, November 3, 2014

It ends where it began| the Mandela story

The Mandela Story
(first published in M&G)

How does this trouble maker end his story? How does he conclude his life? How does he continue to trouble the leaders who succeeded him? While Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla was still at the centre of national scrutiny, Mandela would be buried where the poorest people of the nation live. He would force the nation to look at the forgotten province of the Eastern Cape. He would make it most difficult for our leaders to ignore the state of the rural community in South Africa. He would add further pressure by being so important that all the leading men and women of the world would want the honour of attending his funeral in rural Transkei. He could have chosen to be buried in Johannesburg or a more accessible, developed area – one South Africa could later show off as a famous site, like we did during the 2010 World Cup. That event hardly registered in the Eastern Cape, cont. reading

Saturday, November 1, 2014

DearBlackMan: honour yourself

#DearBlackMan I was thinking a very sad thought. I was thinking about black men who are married who also have multiple girlfriends sometimes in the presence of their sons.

Sometimes with girls as old as their sons. So that their sons will continue to do the same without thinking just how terribly disrespectful this act is. It is not only disrespectful to the son and the mother but to the man who commits the act. How will we regain this self-respect? No, I am not talking about Senzo. I am talking about what I have seen. Too many times.

This is surely one of the many things we must lament.

Of course I am not saying white men never commit adultery believe me I have seen it, not once. Allow me to talk to black men because I have seen this too often.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

DearBlackMan the Pilot

#DearBlackMan the first time I ever went to Johannesburg was by train. At the first stop in Johannesburg I suddenly wept. I was overwhelmed by the sudden pain and realization that it was you DearBlackMan who built that railway. It was with your blood and sweat. I wept at the lives that were lost for the sake of gold or to build a civilization that you would not enjoy. I didn't anticipate the pain I felt nor had I deeply considered how most of the world's civilization was built by your hands. 

Maybe this is a lament or it is not. 

On my last flight from CT to EL our pilot happened to be none other but you DearBlackMan. My first black pilot ever. 

You announced your name, it was Phiwe. 

Your Xhosa accent was all over that English language. I loved that. I imagined a flight where Xhosa would used to address passengers. We are in Africa after all. I smiled. I smiled because I have never remembered a pilot's name before. I forget it the second he introduces himself but this was far too special. 

With a wide smile I relaxed because it occurred to me that most likely, for the longest time, it had to be your hands that have been placing all the pieces of an airplane together. If something terrible happened you might naturally know what to do to fix it. 

It's a gamble but that thought settled me further. Though Chris Barnard became famous, it was the dear black man's hands that skillfully and masterfully handled that famous first heart transplant. Of course we had a fantastic flight. It was my favourite and smoothest flight so far. Landings are not my favourite but it landed beautifully. I smiled. I imagined your mother praying for you every time you are on duty. Phiwe, indeed what a gift! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Music Coke Can Chap

Taxi story: It was raining hard. He quickly opened the cockroach taxi door for me before my hands could reach and get even more wet. I stepped inside thankful and regretful. I regretted the fact that it was raining. My poor painting! 

What I regretted more was being forced to be inside that cockroach taxi as a result. What was this horrible smell? Lord? It smelt like a couple of people hadn't bathed, people often smell nice and fresh in taxis. In fact you won't find fresher, cleaner smelling people together. 

I looked at the young man next to me and he was certainly responsible for more than half of this unpleasant odor.  He shifted closer to me. Underneath the unpleasant odor and dirty clothes he had such a pleasant spirit. I felt it in the manner with which he opened the door for me. I would just have to be strong then. He fumbled in his red bag and brought out a can of Coke and music out of the Can of Coke!!! 

I'm like Wow what is that? He explained the creative musical object to me with a dimpled smile. All of a sudden all smells were forgiven if they were to achieve this! I was so impressed with him I told him that I was paying his taxi fare! I was compelled to. I was so impressed with him. I wanted him to know how special he was. 

His eyes sparkled as I asked him to explain this Coke can musical object. He took old phone parts and turned them into a mobile mp3 player! How is that! "I can fix anything.  I taught myself!" He fixes TV sets, radios, phones and now he wants to explore the world of refrigerators too!


Monday, June 30, 2014

Everything will be alright in the End

"Everything will be alright in the end. If it is not yet alright then it is not yet the end."

 - The Exotic Marigold Hotel

Friday, June 27, 2014

Thundafund Anniversary

It has been a poetry month.
I have performed my poetry ontop of Lion's Head before various young adults ranging from Sweden to Brazil, USA to Thailand, Middle-East to Norway, Nigeria, Congo, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mali etc. The liberty I felt on top of that mountain was freedom I could not describe. I enjoyed it for a few seconds and then made my declaration to a new generation of Mandelas.

I read poetry from my book "Word of Worth" in Robben Island's famous prison cell where freedom fighters of South Africa were held. There I momentously saw fit to read my poem 'Prisoner of Hope'. I cannot think of a more epic month of poetry mostly because I performed in.  So this time last year I was launching Launching my poetry Thundafund project!! Exactly on 27 June 2013 it came live! The day before it came live however I was so excited as we drove through a RAINBOW!!! Tomorrow on that same date a year later I will be helping a friend as she launches her book. I will open her launch with poetry. That is is amazing.
A rainbow month. Visit it: Successful Thundafund Poetry Video

Monday, June 23, 2014

Therefore I am.

I am loved fully and completely, therefore I am. 

I love because of I AM therefore i am. 

I am a product of love, from love and my end is for love. This is the story of humanity in the hands of a holy God. 

All other loves must acknowledge this perfect pure passionate Love if they are true. There are many imitations of love masquerading as the true thing. If it does not look like the way God says love looks like, it is not love, it is a perversion and therefore opposes God Himself. 

How many times have we heard humanity justify perversity by calling it love? Love looks like God. Everything else will fade away with human pride.

"9We love because he loved us first." - 1 John 4:9

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Black Man and Isibaya

#DearBlackMan : I admire men who have kraals with cows, sheep etc. in them. There is something about a dear black man and the way he treasures his cattle that is admirable. I find such black men are often more grounded, family orianted and less superficial than those who are only interested in bright city lights. I was told that in Botswana people relax by watching their beautiful cattle as they graze. I find that intriguing yet I can imagine that it must be relaxing. As relaxing as watching the ocean. While Zuma may have used the state's money to pay for his kraal, kraals are not bad in themselves. It is using state money that is wrong. I admire the fact that he has his own Isibaya. Mandela also had his own kraal full of cattle. #Dearblackman do consider building your own kraal and having your own live stock one day. Believe me you will feel much closer to the many generations that have gone before you. If I must choose between a township black man who has never seen the sight of a cow but is a happy beef eater, and a man who has been inside the kraal, a Sibaya man wins handsdown. With education something about a Sibaya man feels capable in all spheres of life. He is also unlikely to be afraid of insects like I have sadly witnessed in men who have only ever seen city lights. Of course there are many progressive women who find it sexy to watch a man who is afraid of insects. I often think how will he handle a lion if he jumps at the sight of a harmless insect? Do consider visiting a kraal in your lifetime.

The Dear Black Man: My Grandfather S'nama Boyce

#DearBlackMan Thursday: while in other parts of Africa and the world the oppression of women prevails, I salute this #DearBlackMan who is my late grandfather. It is because of him that I have never believed that I was an inferior species because of my gender. As a little girl I noted that he never gave anyone the opportunity to believe that females were less than males. This was evident in how the chores were distributed. A girl was expected to be able to perform traditional male duties. Boys were also expected to be able to excel in all things. This is my grandfather. Legend of legends. The man who baptised all his grandchildren with kisses until the day he died. He was many things but today I must honour him for this.

I also honour the majority of men in the Eastern Cape. They could be men in the streets or in taxis or else where but I have admired and continue to admire the way they treat women with honour and the way they respond to men who don't. Sometimes I meet men young and old in the streets who go out of their way to honour me as a woman. Sometimes I think it maybe because they are making up for men who don't. Power to the #DearBlackMan you are a healer of the female soul.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Hudsonian and the pie

I had an encounter with a school going boy. We were both in a queue for the best pies in the world called Shamrock pies. (only found in the Eastern Cape, esp. EL). This boy was hanging his arms on a food counter like he was expecting to be unattended to for a very long time. He was wearing a white shirt, shorts and long socks which meant that he was still in primary school. I interrupted his unpleasant wait and asked: "Is there anyone serving here?"
He turns around almost to inform me why he waited with such defeat.
"No. This alwaaaaays happens. They always take forever."
I said:"All you need to do is call them and they'll come and serve you."
Indeed, I waved and called. A tanned almost shrievelled up white lady responded immediately.
I said to the now fresh blond boy:"Look, I told you. All you need to do is just call."
He cheered up. He couldn't believe it worked that easily.
He was the first one in the queue so it was natural that he should be the first recepient of the world's best pie. This boy refused to order before me.
"No you order first." He cheerfully insisted a few times. Eventually I accepted.
I was so proud of him.
He was a tall boy with such good manners. I thought I don't remember kids in my day being this lovely. More so he was a Hudsonian. He had a red eagle on his shirt.
I did not tell him that I too was an old eagle.
I left singing to myself "fearless as the eagle,... honour and justice we will always uphold. Tentando superabis by endeavor we'll succeed..."
At my next stop I had to practice the same patience offered to me by the eaglet to a granny.
I then contemplated if there should be a #DearWhiteBrother in response to the Oscar story.  After all, Byrandt blessed all women on Saturday. He released a heavenly blessing and affirmation over women. He was wearing his African shirt. He too is a dear white brother.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mona Eltahawy

On Friday night I also discovered a new name. One I intend to come across more often: "MONA ELTAHAWY", Islamic Feminist and Egyptian-American writer. she speaks like a British citizen though which made her all the more musical to listen to. She is sensational. She is the embodiment of courage. her head is like waves of fire. 

She spoke with the boldness of a lioness but without forsaking the grace and beauty of her femininity. She was on Aljezeera Head to Head a debate that really was head to head. It was gripping particularly that it was addressing unfamiliar topics to me.  I am not very exposed to much Arabic, Middle-Eastern political and religious topics. I watched it by mistake and then I couldn't switch it off.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love - the reward

Love is not a sideshow. After all the amazing things have been accomplished. Love is the main the story. Love is the accomplishment.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Justice and Mercy in South Africa

If people understood the importance of relationships in South Africa they would do everything in their power to make them happen cross culturally, between the rich, poor and middle class. You have no idea the difference it makes when justice has a face, and not just any face you can dismiss but one you love wholeheartedly. You will think very carefully about what and how and if... the way you will navigate between justice and mercy will matter... Without relationships you do not care about mercy. With relationships mercy is everything... but for the love of truth, for the love of God, the love of His children, justice and mercy must be together...

Dear Black man


I see you every day. I see how you protect pregnant women in taxis. How you step up to correct and guide your neighbour's son like he's your own.

Black man you are far from being a lost cause. Let this be your year I'm tired of hearing just the bad stuff. I'm exhausted by how you have to justify yourself because of the others who have forgotten who they are. The others who are dying to believe in their own light too. The others whose humanity is desperate to be restored because they couldn't survive their harsh realities.

Dear Black man - this is your year.

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