Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am not a poet by Siki Dlanga

I am not a poet
I just know the everyday is miraculous everyday
I see leaves dancing to an invisible song and I acknowledge it
The sun laughs in the sky and I laugh back
I am not a poet
I just realize the last breath I took was a divine act the next one too
My eyes marvel at the reflection on the mirror not because of my own beauty but for the wonder of sight
I am not a poet
I see lovers eyes hugging as they stare
And I sing them a song only I hear
I smile at the child with a dummy
I am not a poet
I am amused and I respond with bellows of laughter
I hear a musician play and my body sings with a dance
I am not a poet
I was never a poet
I hear the melody of words in the silence of chaos
The same way leaves dance to the invisible hum or thud
The same way waves to the shore
The same way humans breathe
The audience to an incredible performance
I am not a poet
I am just alive to life
I feel the touch and my heart remembers
I see and my mind applauds or frowns
I am not a poet
I am just alive
I taste and my tongue skips with joy
I look at the pain of others and I pray and God responds
I am not a poet I am just alive
The same way the night knows when to give way to the morning
The same way stars shine at night even when we do not see their light in the city
The same way clouds sometimes paint the sky
I am not a poet
I have never been a poet
I am alive to life and have always applauded the wondrous fading magnificence
I have always hoped of what was, could be and will be or
Grieve at what will be if we do not

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