Sunday, April 28, 2013

South Africa Freedom Day Thoughts

Here is a freedom day fact: White people don't have to fear about having less in order for blacks to have more. There is enough for everybody in this country if you take the fear factors out of it. So everybody is free to prosper and everyone is free to share in their prosperity. if you horde your wealth out of fear and not share with the poor you will probably lose it anyway. We are free and we have enough for all of us! No more fear that only perpetuates  injustice in this country in one way or another. Free from pointing fingers and free from "you owe me".

We are free from all that stuff that enslave us to old mindsets that keep us from our true inheritance as a free nation. May we be a nation that is famous for giving extravagantly and sharing with one another without fear or judgment.

We are not made rich by how much more possessions we can have but by how much more of each other we can have.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hope Burns South Africa -Toyi-toi

Hope bubbles beneath the earth of this country like molten lava. The feet of hope-seekers burn. They find themselves dancing, demanding and burning things in the streets. They have miss-understood, misinterpreted what it's all about and so with misdirected chants and mistaken dances they burn what they are meant to rebuild. Someone tell them the truth that the burning lava beneath their feet is there to reveal to them hidden treasures.  Things to build with.
Hope burns beneath the soil of this country to overturn the old dead soil, to spit out new gold and fatten the ground you dance on. Hope burns.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feasting with the Father

Today's sermon caused me to "see" what sitting around the dinner table with Father God must be like. The table is laden with designer cutlery, the greatest serves the best fish you have ever tasted, maybe lamb too? The atmosphere is freedom and the stories Daddy God tells have me hanging on every Word. The Word is alive and it is a Word Feast. It is so tasty the more you eat, the hungrier you get for more.
I'm sitting there absolutely delighted out of my mind in bliss. I am laughing with tears in my eyes and Daddy God just does it again because He just loves it when we delight in Him and so the feast never ends...
The more we enjoy the Father in the feast, the more people are drawn to come and feast with Him, with us and the food multiplies with every bite and each time you share your favourite food.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

On People and Prayers

Sometimes you have to go really far in order to hear prayers so near to you that they bring a tear. Sometimes you have to go real far to find those most near.

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