About Life is the sum of conversations!*?

We are what we are because of the conversations we have had. We are shaped by the conversations we have unexpectedly encountered. Our lives are thus most driven and impacted by those conversations. When we walk away we either choose to shrugg those conversations that have made us happy or sad or else we have continued those conversations in our daily lives.

We exist because of conversations. One that was first begun by our parents the original one was the conversation God Himself had with had in order to create us.

The most effectively lived lives are those whose ears are in tune with the ongoing conversations in heaven. It is the ability to know which conversations to pick up when. Which belong to someone else, which are for another time, which to share and how to position ourselves the best way possible within those conversations. It is those who are able to hear and respond to those conversations who are able to truly impact their surroundings. Not many are able to translate the conversation both realms as one. This is an attempt to be intune with the most significant conversations of the highest kind.

We work,
We laugh,
We cry,
We play,
We stop,
We sing,
We love,
We joke.
We are most alive in the ways where we can best understand and articulate in whatever medium is our most effective language. Whether it is scientific or artistic it is a language that our conversations are most effective and have mostly affected us.

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When there are no more conversations we die.

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