Thursday, April 21, 2011

the great thirst

the great thirst
awake me from my slumber
call something deeper out of me
offer me more than what i have seen

i thirst
i thirst
i thirst for what you thirsted for
i thirst for that drink you wanted
as you hung on that cross

awake me with conviction
as you awoke pilate’s wife
with a dream of the knowledge of your righteousness
let me slumber no more

as the earth quaked at your death
let me feel the tremblings of the earth
begging me to realise that you are the son
like those men responded with a shout
saying surely he was the Son of God

awake me as the marys awoke that third day
searching for your body, loving you in death
they found you alive, they found their Lord
more glorious than they remembered

stop me with flashes of light
as you stopped saul on his way to damascus
so that i no longer discuss what is finished
that i might run for the joy set before me

yet i thirst still
i thirst for one sip
of the water you gave the samaritan woman
the water that caused you fame in all of samaria
give me drink i pray
give me drink for i thirst for you

© siki dlanga

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poetry and Scriptures


My beautiful reality

Exists within the parameters

Of the world

Of your words/

Untie the knots

Of my deception

Undress the lies

They are stinking rags/

Say a word

Shower me like rain

I close my eyes

I am crowned

With jewels

Better than diamonds

Purer than silver

I covet your words

More than gold

I wait for your voice

© siki dlanga

08 April 2011

It would be fun if you can spot which scriptures you can spot that embody each line. First stanza Gen1,John1, Hebrews11:3, Heb1:3, Stanza 2/3a, Ezek 16 , Stanza 3b, Proverbs1/2, Psalm 119 mostly..

call it a modern psalm.

Psalm 12:6 And the words of the LORD are flawless, like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times.

Psalm 119:140 Your word is very pure: therefore your servant loves it

The long version for those who don't do poetry :-)

I wrote this on Friday. Thought I should put it up since Tim's sermon Sunday on "Word, Power". This is probably more Word-Love. I suppose love because I think God's love is the most powerful substance we will ever discover. I believe healing and all things associated with His power come from His love. If you are the beloved and when you hear your Lover speak, who also happens to be so powerful over all-things something within you must live for that Voice and to behold His Word. It is the love David spoke of so many times in the psalms "I love your word more than fine gold"(Ps19:10).

It is the substance that created our reality. When He sends His word we live. It is the thing Jesus spoke of, the love He spoke of when He said if you love me you will obey me. You will do what I say. Why? Simply because you love. You love so much that you live to hear that voice and then when that voice speaks when those words come they are like heaven itself because they come from the one you love with all that you are. You will quote them you will revere them. You will hide them in your heart as a treasure. You will love them and you will mutter and utter them because they came from the Creator of all things. Thus they are more potent and more important than anything you have ever encountered. They are life itself to the bones. They are bread itself and you will devour them like a starving man. They are food, the most treasured words in all the earth they are this secret that is spoken and all can hear yet few understand. As Andrew Bateman could not get over this verse “for the Jews were entrusted with the very words of God”(Rom3:2).

They are life and joy to all who believe. They are the source of salvation, they will make you clean John15:3. They are the greatest wealth greater than fine gold, wealthier than any kind of wealth is the one who has them. Therefore we keep them and we treasure them, yet must share them and they will not leave us but instead they will increase. These words will heal you. They will make you seem noble and clothe you with glory. They will cause you to be wiser than the aged. There is no end to the possibility of what will happen if we love and do God’s word. If we do not love nor know the power that comes with them we may remain in the dark for these words are even light itself, a light unto your path. There is no end to the beauty of God’s word or the joy it brings.


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