Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dear White Man

After a sleepless night this is probably finally my first #DearWhiteMan Dr. Fanie once said: "Pre94 SA, the streets were dull and grey with just white men in suits. Nothing else. No colour. No women. 94 came and life began to show in the work place."

I have been thinking long and hard about how there needs to be a generation of white men who are intentionally different men. Intentionally deconstructing the white-male-kingdom & way of being in the work place and intentionally choosing a different way of being.
That is choosing a good way of being that is not a reactionary way of being.
I mean this in the work place and how they relate with themselves and others.

I mean this in what drives their patterns of behavior which ultimately is how the modern world was built.
That is noting the specific way they have been wired which were the methods or seeds of colonial rule.
And this is particularly important for the Christian South African man to do.
Otherwise things are not going to work between us.
Every other man in modern history has been measured against the white man and has had to improve themselves or forced to improve. But to improve to what standard exactly? And why was that the standard? Of course the most powerful choose the standard.
It is time for reset, to remodel and be something better.
I have seen glimpses here and there of what that could be.

We have all been going through intensive change here but I think not much is said about this.

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