Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my country

by Siki Dlanga

my heavy heart
my broken heart
my hopeful heart

O my country
what have i to give you.
country of my birth.
land that carried me in my mothers womb.
on her back singing me songs
Thula Sizwe ungabokhala uJehovah wakho uzokunqobela

O my country raided raped left for dead
who will carry your children on her back
Afflicted one, storm-tossed and not comforted
country of my birth
invaded by darkness
left in pain
who will pray for you
who will stand up for you and believe
sing for you and rock you ‘till you sleep
who will give you medicine
medicine of hope
Thula Sizwe sam
Thula ungabokhala uJehovah wakho uzokunqobela
(hush o nation do not weep your God will overcome for you)
O afflicted one storm-tossed and not comforted
o my country beyond the our borders
what have I to say but Your God reigns
a conqueror who will fight for you
scatter and confound your enemy

once upon a time
a nation was delivered by a child
from an enemy too great

who will hope
who will dare pray
who will dare to believe for you
stand against your demons!

who is brave enough to speak to this mountain
and cast it to the sea
who believes in miracles

once i heard you held the world captive
peace was your lot and not war
astound the world again
let them see a greater miracle
out of the nations of the southern most of this continent
you're a miracle nation remember
my country

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