Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paradise Waiting To Be Uncovered

Older than Mandela 
Nothing is changed
Gates are rusty
There is electricity and water 
So it isn't so bad they say
Look how much we have achieved
Together we can do more the ANC says
One hundred years of existence the party boasts
A party it was for the ANC for a

whole year 
Celebrating dead heroes
Their philosophy begging for resurrection
A monument is enough the party says
For now they drink and dine in fine wines
This community can tell you in person what happened in Marikana 
No raise followed 
Just death and life as normal
Continues as it had since Colonialism
Yet paradise waits here
Paradise waits to be seen and unveiled beneath the unfulfilled promises 
Paradise waits behind the cloud of lack of vision
Even children are ready for more

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