Tuesday, October 29, 2013

JESUS My Everything

Jesus, my perfect world.
Jesus, my life made perfect.
Jesus, my every perfect thing.
Jesus, when I look at You my very broken and imperfect world is made perfectly whole.
Jesus when I look at You it is so hard not believe. Faith is. I don't have to create it or stir it up.
Jesus, Life, Resurrection, Light, Way, Truth, Great Shepherd, humble Lamb, Invincible Lion.

Jesus - my whole world, my whole life, my everything, my happiness, my victory, my healing, my forgiveness, my greatest gift, my resurrection, my absolute everything magnificent. You're so brilliant You make me look good by just walking next to You.
Jesus - my addiction, my obsession, my passion, my devoted friend, my brother, my Lord, My King, My Eternal Lover, My Messiah... 

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Joy of Weakness

The joy of being content in weakness is for those who know the secret powers of His sufficient grace. The joy of suffering is for those who live in the one who calls Himself Resurrection. Thus we rejoice always in weakness or in suffering. We rejoice always in Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

“I Am From” - Siki Dlanga

Adapted by Levi Romero; Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon (as designed by ShelovesMagazine http://shelovesmagazine.com/2013/synchroblog-i-am-from/)

I am from my first broken tea cup
from the taste of sorghum and maize meal
I am from the home of boxing. We knocked the hell out of apartheid. 
I am from aloes and lilies and butterflies
The sweet-peach-tree from my childhood whose long gone limbs
 I remember as if they were my own.
I’m from the Madiba clan who existed long before Mandela did
from women with strong opinions and men who fight for justice
I’m from great storytellers and the best comedians
and from unpredictable lips and unexpected actions
I am from expected surprises
I’m from the confusion of having to answer for my mistakes and having to be obedient

I am from faith 

I am from daily prayers sung into the night
Caught by God and returned as sunshine in the morning
I’m from dedication to God 
I am from introduction to ancestors at birth 
I’m from Mount Ayliff and apartheid homelands
Pumpkins and roasted mealies
From MaRhadebe setting me on a straight and narrow from birth
Reprimanding me yet never confused about her love for me or her love for anyone for that matter
I am from style and creativity
I am from my mother’s iconic images that capture her beauty so perfectly that it can no longer capture my beauty
I am from stories
I am from stories, our greatest treasures. I am from stories.
I am from people who are books that speak. 
I am from stories. I am from unending dreams and endless hopes.

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