Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Resurrection of Poetry - Finding the Pot of Gold

Well, yesterday a friend and I literally drove through the end of the rainbow. The colours vanished in our car or sprang out from it! In another continent, in Asia, a friend of mine tells me that she put up a slide of my poetry without knowing about my rainbow day, she used rainbows for my poetry.

This can only mean good things for my poetry campaign with 

My campaign has begun TODAY! I have 45 days to go to make at least R 20, 000.00 towards my poetry book printing. 

Only to find out someone else already beat them to it! And so the poetry story GOES.... I have two fears! I am afraid that someone will give me a million bucks and the campaign will be over in a matter of days. Or that it won't reach as wide an audience as I would like it to. Well, while I was busy writing this blog  I received a supporter that threatened to be a poetry resurrector! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Resurrection of Poetry

I have received many wonderful responses however nothing could warm my heart more than inspiring a high school girl. And they said the younger generation was not interested in things like poetry. 

This was taken in an English classroom in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. 

Yes, it is the Resurrection of Poetry in our lifetime!

Finally Finding The End of The Rainbow

Today my day was literally covered with rainbows from beginning to end. Double rainbows and rainbows so low it felt like I could touch them. There were the brightest rainbows and we even drove not through one, but we literally drove through the end of a rainbow! Never in my entire life have I seen so many rainbows in one day! It must have been easily 5 to 7 in total or more if I cared to count. I just saw rainbows all day! Finding the end of the rainbow, I take this is a very good omen for what is about to happen tomorrow! Watch this space.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Letters to Juliet

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that love had an expiry date." - Sophie responding to Claire's letters.

Letters to Juliet is a fantastic romantic comedy and this maybe one of the best love quotes ever.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quote about the future of South Africa

"The future of South Africa isn't going to be white, it isn't going to be black. It is going to be African." - Chief Albert Luthuli
The man was a prophet.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Excuse me Ma'm

The bird dances over the soothing blue and rolling white. The waiter asks whether I have been assisted.

The sun kisses the sea. Mist flutters over the distant waves, just a little above, as though for some beautiful purpose as it brushes the sandy green cliff. I look at her: "Of course I have been assisted."

The first shall be last

The first shall be last and the last shall be first, said the First and the Last , the Beginning and the End, the Author and Finisher (Perfector) of our faith. So don't worry about those who are first or richly endowed with other kinds of worldly wealth, you do your thing, finish YOUR race, sukuqalaza, don't look around. You are your competition. Don't you dare compare or you will miss the entire POINT of your life and you will live a lie. Ndiyekeni ndihambe imini iqalile magwala ndini ( allow me a bit of Xhosa poetic license)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Voice

Let it cry aloud 
Let it be heard
Let it sing

Release the voice
Release the sound of freedom
Let it ring in the streets
Let it be heard
Cry aloud
Call wisdom
Recall joy
Release the Voice
Let it rule us once more
Rule us with freedom
With Joy 
With singing

It is time for the true voice 
The Voice of voices
Speaking among a clutter 

of billions of vices pretending 

to be voices speaking at once
Voice of the sound of many waters be found 
Confound the learned with Your wisdom and grace

Peace of Nature

I took this image at a moment where I was actually a little anxious because things did not turn out as I had expected. It then felt as though I wasted my time. I saw these peaceful creatures watching this mucky water. Even the mucky water and the birds somehow captured my imagination as beautiful and peaceful. This image gives me that peaceful feeling every time I look at it.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beautiful Friendships

What is any girl without beautiful friendships.

What is life without solid relationships? It is no life at all. My blog is about life as a sum of conversations. I maintain the theory that without conversations life is not life. In order for life to be meaningful it is necessary to have relationships that have been following your conversation as much as you have been following theirs. If such consistency does not exist that one's life is much like a conversion through a broken telephone. Conversations are lost and the true meaning of the original conversations is distorted and lost. Distortion is dangerous because everyone wants to be heard and acknowledged or else they do not feel a part of life.

This image represents a very significant conversation. It is a sum of something much larger than one conversation. It cannot be contained and so it continues into the future as it connects the past.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Malika Ndhlovu the Great Poetess

Today, my favourite poet in South Africa emailed me! In fact in the world. Yes Malika Ndlovu emailed Siki Dlanga. It's a whole other story though whether I qualify or not for what she emailed about. I still feel like a winner by virtue of having received an email from her. I feel unbelievably memorable right now because she has no real reason to remember me since she is such a busy and famous poet. When she performs her poetry, she transports you into the most beautiful dream I swear it. You never know whether you're awake or in a beautiful dream all you know is that whatever it is, it must never end. When she is done your hands are too weak to clap and your voice too awestruck to speak. She is that great.

Yes Malika Ndhlovu spoke to me today. She did!

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