Thursday, April 23, 2009

SA 22 April 2009 Elections and my creative spiritual experience

There was an unusual sacredness to the day yesterday. There was a silence not even Sunday carries. There was a reverence and a cleanliness in the air as if Someone purified the atmosphere for this sanctified moment as South Africa voted. It is as if everything waited with her, for her because she is worth it. Even business could wait.

Foreigners were scarce as if giving South Africans the space to be to make their mark. We stood together for hours in what seemed like a rare opportunity.The night before, my body was brimming with energy. I could hear a beat and my body begged me to respond. The African drum drummed in the ears of my soul until I burst forth in an African dance my body had hid for so long. Thankfully I was alone in our spacious rented house. The song was like a prayer. But not any prayer, a happy prayer. The drum beat spoke of a time that has come. A time for change.

I have never been so excited for an election than this one before.Gilly comes to collect me so that we can join others to pray. We pray into various aspects of the country and for the politicians to be able to fulfill what they have promised.

We first spent about 10 minutes thanking God for our politicians. I thanked God for Zille’s zeal, Zuma’s charisma and charm, COPE’s courageous leaders and Holomisa among others. I thanked God for Malema too. I just cannot recall what I thanked God for but I wanted to thank God for Malema’s humour but I did not come out with it as others were listening and awaiting a serious prayer so I said something. I just cannot recall what.I went back home. I sang over Africa and South Africa and felt God’s intense love and joy over this country curse through my body.

I felt an unusual peace midnight.

I felt an absence of evil in the air because Saints everywhere had been praying. In that hour I knew the winner very well. I knew it was God’s choice, I accepted it hence my response surprises me today. I felt a hope for this country like I can not describe. I felt God’s favour shining on this country. I heard His song – I felt us beckoned to come out and play because we are now safe to do so. I saw a brilliant new day for us.What a day the 22nd of April 2009 was for the South African. It was a day set apart. We the people voted. We. Us.I arrived home so exhausted because so much of my energy had been spent praying. I never slept much then I woke up and queued. I came back and I slept for a while.

Then. That drum began playing again. It called for change again. I heard it until my body prayed in dance. Again I had the fortune of being alone. Lest my brother and my housemate think surely other spirits have come upon me.If there was such a thing as a Christ inspired witchdoctor - I discovered one.

The name sangoma probably means something like we-sing rather than the English version of witch doctor. It is probably “the one who sings and calls the spirits”. That is the closest interpretation to the word sangoma. Well, I sang and called up not the spirits of the dead – God forbid. I sang and danced and called up the Spirit of the living God to blow in all the corners of the country and my body danced in a prophetic dance I have not experienced it before not like this.A new way of praying was born, in prophetic African dance and declaring a prophetic song.My hands burning with God’s presence, as if set ablaze.

I prounced around as if I knew what I was doing – there was a lioness in me that was bellowing that was declaring the things of God as if I were a prophetess of some sort. Something like that sangoma – the one who stirs up the Spirit of God.I know that change has come in South Africa.

God is with us even in a way we too do not quite understand yet. Creativity will explode in ways we never quite imagined. God is with us. Change has come in a different form in an unusual suspect of a president who incidentally sings and dances. He has danced his way to victory. A victory we hoped would not come. We hoped he would be jailed but he would not be stopped. He sang and danced and the gates would not be shut.What is this we find ourselves in? All I know is that there is no doubt in my heart and mind that change is here even if we did not vote for the form in which it has come.

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