Wednesday, January 21, 2009

God used to be white

My feelings about President Obama’s inauguration are written on the faces, hearts and speechless mouths of the millions and a billion black people in the African continent, especially in South Africa and America. No one knows what yesterday meant more than those. No one.
To say anything at all in this hour feels like taking away from the centuries of those who suffered, prayed, believed or lost faith, died in hope and then we find ourselves being that generation whose black children will no longer think that God is white and only favours the white.

No matter how long justice seems to take, our generation knows without a doubt that God never forsook us because of our skin colour. We now know without a doubt that God loves us all passionately and will fight for everyone of us until we see it, even if it takes centuries to prove it because He is eternal and not trapped in time; even if we will not believe in Him. He will fight for us still. First in Mandela, then in the same lifetime in Obama we know that God is a just God no one should ever doubt that after yesterday.

O for the prayers prayed by mothers left behind in Africa longing for their children sold to a foreign land? O for the cries of the slaves, for their songs? Prayers they thought were unanswered, yesterday we all know were heard.

In South Africa we knew that freedom was incomplete so long as the African-American still felt oppressed. Every now and again they flocked to South Africa just to see what freedom felt like, some mocked. Yesterday our freedom was complete because theirs was.

What happened yesterday was not a story of colour but that of all humanity because had not the majority of Americans voted for him, yesterday would not have been a historic event.

For the longest time I was burdened and unable to find a solution of how God can cure the pain of the black soul. The pain Micheal Jackson so desperately wanted to purge he thought he could erase the colour of his skin. My own healing would not be enough – what about the millions? I was overwhelmed by the weight wondering how God could heal a wound so deep that has been felt for so long by so many and inherently passed on from generation to generation. It had become a disease flowing in our blood. Yesterday was a miracle that cured the blood that flows in our soul. It will no longer be passed to the next generation unless our minds remain enslaved and we do not walk as free men. We are healed. Even if we see evidence of the past we know it is a counterfeit.

The past is officially passed.

We live in a new era. We are who we choose to be. We have no one to blame anymore – we can fight the demons of the past that are hidden in our minds that tell us we can’t, we fight them because now we know we can.

Now we know that God favours us all. I so appreciate the effort He has made to make us feel so special so that we can look at our black faces and love what is starring back at us. The veil is lifted. Light is shining in the darkness. Africa’s creativity will finally come out to play! The world has seen nothing yet. We have been fought for and we are the ones who get to live the impossible dream. Africa come out and play! Arise shine! Put on your garments of splendor! Bless the world with your excellence again as in the days when your civilization was the wonder of the world. While you are at it please be humble because there is no one to prove wrong any more. Share the love that has always been in you! Share it with the world!

God bless Obama the son of Africa birthed by an American mother. All of Africa is praying for this man. All of Africa prayed for SA to be at peace during our historical transition….you can be sure all of Africa is praying for this man!
I sure have been.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

We are slaves of our beliefs

Everything rises and falls not on leadership but on faith. We are what we believe not what we claim to believe but what we truly believe when we are tested and everything we know tells us that our faith is false. When the lights are out and everyone is home. When we are awake and cannot fall asleep. We are the thoughts we choose over and over. We are the thoughts we accept all the time. We are treatment we tolerate.

Most naturally we are what we do not even think to question.

We can never rise beyond our beliefs. Our faith is the sealing it tells us how far we can go so we must watch what we believe.

"Without faith it is impossible to please God."

If we truly believe that God is infinite we will see greatness the size of the God we believe. This is the case if we believe the opposite. We are enslaved to our beliefs. We serve them and they serve us back.

Now what is it that you are enslaved to.

From a slave of Christ
Siki Dlanga
at least I hope I truly am

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