Friday, May 29, 2009

Losing what is not lost

It’s simple.

Treat it like a death.

She told me that.

Has she ever experienced a death?

I asked.


She repeated.

Treat it like a death.

I understood what she meant.

I equally did not.

How can you treat the living that way.

Not just any living

But the living you love so desperately.

She was telling me to die.

Telling me to hate myself.

She is right.

But when do you begin to live?

Is there a time to wait for?
When do you know?

Is this the only way I can live.

To die?

Monday, May 25, 2009

reasons to love you

How many ways do you love me?
More than the number of my precious many hair strands.
As copious as the number of the stars floating in the many galaxies.
How precious is your love for me?
As prized as the weight of all the gold in all the mines found,

How costly is your dedication to me?
All the earth’s jewels were not enough to purchase my engagement ring to you,
All the angels in heaven put together were not enough to prove your might to me,
So you purchased me with your own death so that I might never die.
So that I should live with you forever.

How much do I long for thee?
As a deer pants for water in a desert,
As a barren woman for a babe,
As an unrequited woman for love,
As a prisoner for freedom,
As a poor man for an inheritance,
As for a dying man longs for the next breath
So I long for you

(c) Siki Dlanga

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