Monday, July 22, 2013

A poet's dream - A prince's birth?

My poetry campaign
Fell on the days
Where the world’s most powerful cameras
Were held outside hospital gates
Held with the precision of a gunman
Waiting for his target
Waiting to shoot
The last blink of a legend
Before the earth takes him from us
Microphones artistically extended like Mpondo sticks at Marikana
Hungry for any word from his daughters
Who called it violence?
Only the cameraman knew that his target
Was as intense as the soldiers at war
Only this time it was not ‘shoot to kill’
It was to shoot for the love of a man held so dear
To capture a moment that belongs not only to this generation
A moment too great to slip quietly
This was a gift for generations
Just as the man has been a gift to a generation

My poetry campaign
Falls on the days where scribes, story-tellers
In two continents
Sat waiting outside hospital gates
One for the end of a great story
Another for the birth of a prince
Whose former fathers
once stripped off the royalty of the father
of the grey-haired-great-man lying in hospital
The master of his own destiny
The little prince is born
Angelic in nature as all babies
With an inheritance like no other baby
With a heritage that looks like yin and yang
I sit
In South Africa
In a town called East London
Writing in the language the little prince will one day speak
And wonder if the prince will one day read these words
When I am fifty or sixty
What would I want the prince to know?
That on Mandela’s 95th birthday my poetry reached its first five thousand milestone?
That five days later the prince was born and I received a healthy sum for my poetry from England?
That South African born Jeanette Kruger was that famous donor?
That our money was called the Kruger Rand?
What would I want the prince to know?
With the millions of messages he has received
With the zillions of information that will one day be his to sort through
Will he find the poem that will always be as old as he is?

© siki dlanga
22 July 2013

One day when you’re looking wondering when the prince of England was born remember it was on this date. 
Give my campaign some royal treatment. I only have 19 days left to make it count!

It's not just a poetry book... it's royal beyond design. African and universal.

Monday, July 15, 2013


27 is the number after 26 and before 28
26 is a gang name
28 is my little brother’s birth date
Day 27 of the 4th month is our Freedom Day
My country is in the tip of Africa
It is a cup and the rest of Africa is the overflow
This is why it is that when I beat the drum at the tip of Africa
The child in central Africa dances but does not know why
The 27th day of the fourth month
Is the day South Africa understood it was a rainbow
Day 27 is the day Africa believed in dreams again
27 is the telephone code of the republic
27 years of freedom fighting behind bars made Mandela famous
27 in Mathematics is a perfect cube
There are 27 books in the New Testament
Feng Shui tells me to keep 27 identical coins to raise money for my poetry venture
My poetry campaign began with the sky painted with rainbows all day
When I reach my goal
The child in central Africa will most likely drop his gun
And dance
A small victory for the pen at the tip of Africa may inspire an exchange of guns for pens
27 is an important number
Anything is possible
Ask Mandela
Ask the first voters in the rainbow nation
There are 27 days to victory
27 days before twenty thousand rands

27 by Siki Dlanga

'burning pen' illustration by siki dlanga

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


"I love you because I love you. Now, can you deal with that?" God, shouting from His heart to ours if we will hear it even as a faint whisper. Believe it anyway.

Monday, July 1, 2013


So here we are and it is 1 July 2013!

Thank God we are alive to see it! And thank God Mandela is alive! This is officially Mandela's 95th July ever. That is just so cool. Most of us have lots of Julys to live to get to that number God-willing.

I always find that July can be a game changer. It is that time of the year where you have stepped into the second half of the year so that if you got the other half of the year wrong, this is the half to make up for it. It is also the half that makes you think seriously about the following year! I am praying that this half of the year will introduce all the things necessary for my next steps next year.

The poetry journey continues. I do not see why a brilliant poet is not earning as much as Torres. At some point in history, sport was just a game. He or she was not necessarily rich because they were good.

It is time for the poet. It has to be. This July can change things. Here is one way to make poetry count

Let the games begin. This is a game changer.

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