Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Obama is President

I had no idea just how much it would affect me!
Not to this extent.

In the turn of the millennium many celebrities and politicians around the world were asked: "what will this millennium be about?"
They all individually said: "it's the African millennium" (African Americans including themselves in that)

and O boy were they correct!

May this inspire all Africans (please! no more corruption) let's get on with it and be inspired by how great we can be.

A part of me weeps for being favoured to be born in such a time as this while the ones before us suffered for the colour of their skin. Here we are celebrating and standing on their tears, their blood, their many prayers and songs - they looked forward to a time to come and we are that which they dreamt of.

May this teach every human being that no human being should be treated inferior to another no matter who and what they are - all human beings are equally superior. May this teach us to uphold one another and celebrate and encourage, inspire one another to be all that we were created to be. No human being is less than another.

I listened to one of Obama's speeches as he said to get all his voters revved up; "This campaign isn't about me." he paused there was a dramatic silence; "this is about you!" the crowd went wild.
I thought ya, he is very good. He knows just what to say to get people excited but this morning the effect it has had on me first as a black person, I was besides myself. I was so affirmed. I felt all affirmative action must be removed we don't need it anymore how much more can one be more affirmed!
…but on a serious note - I felt like I was worth far more that a million dollars. (of which it is true)

I went to the mirror and I screamed "I am black" "I am black" and it felt soooooo good though it pained me to think that I am the first generation after those who wondered why God made them black.

This is less about colour than it teaches us that no human being should ever be mistreated. We are all made in the image of God and that makes us equally great and equally special. May wars end.

Change has come. HALLELUAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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