Sunday, September 22, 2013

Remember to Laugh - remember Joy

(painting by me also - called the warrior's smile)

Laughter - is joy set on fire.

Sometimes you just have to let it burn. We must let all the negativity that tries to influence us burn away. We just sometimes need all the responsibilities that weigh us down burn away and be children sitting on Abba's lap where we can just play with Him.

Laughter is joy set alight. Sometimes we just have to forget it all and remember only one thing, the One we adore, the One whose face we love. He has the whole world in His hands, nothing is going to happen that God cannot manage. Laughter cleanses.


Petunia said...

Hi Siki

Laughter cleanse indeed - i was home this weekend and laughed so much with family and it felt good...

I love the painting and beautiful words accompanying it. Thanks for sharing.

Siki Dlanga said...

so beautiful to laugh with family! thank you lovely Petunia. laugh on girl lets laugh on!

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