Friday, September 23, 2011

The People Shall Govern

I dream of a truly empowered black person who is not looking for liberation from rich white people or still seeing himself as an economic inequality captive waiting for redemption from the ANC government who are moving very slowly for as long as their pockets are full and they keep the poor black person as a beggar who is waiting for handouts (grants). That is not liberation.

I dream of minds of South Africans being truly liberated. That is enough for our minds to see and create opportunities that will inspire us to rise above everything rather than yoked to certain masters or falling at the altar of tenders. Like Mandisa Balingotsi noted that such liberation is only impossible when everyone in this country especially the poor have access to good education. So the struggle for emancipation continues. This time it is a mental and a spiritual emancipation. It demands something deeper from every individual. It is more empowering. However, I must say that I have seen more people in this country who are liberated but again, it is those who have received a stronger education. I believe that we need to form educational forums that do not depend on government. After all if we take “the people shall govern” seriously why do we still bang the walls of governments expecting them to deliver us from our sad state of affairs. This is our time to govern, so let us rise.


Petunia said...

Educational forums - that is rich Siki and I imagine how these forums will help us all.

Once again spot on...

Siki Dlanga said...

thank you! yes...that just rings true doesn't it just!

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