Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Humanity in the hands of white god

When I was a child we thought God was White.
We spoke of it often and the conclusion was always that God was no colour.
We had to make Him colourless if we were to pursue Him – if we too must be blessed, rich or have anything good.
He had to be colourless because if He were White the reasons we suffered under White rule would make sense and we would be hopeless.
If He were White our surfering would endure forever.
We said that but we still believed He had to be White.
He was because if He were not, then we would not suffer.
Has He not blessed them and cursed us?
I had to believe He was colourless and that we had missed something.
Why we hungered? Why we were cornered? Why our land was now taken?
Why our money was so little? Why we did not have this and why they had that?
God must be White.
I believed against hope that He is not.
If He is not then He will hear me.
As an older child I saw things change.
I saw a black old man rise. I saw crowds lift their fits as they saw him. I saw black hands. Then I saw white fists slowly but surely raising their fists too as though in worship of this old black man. This old black man.
God is not White?
Were we right?
Others began to suffer less, others prospered, others being non-white but then the rest of the continent still suffered.
This dark skin still suffered in every country of this continent.
I wondered had we not prayed enough, how much must we do till He hears us.
Aids came and they called us immoral, promiscuous and every name under heaven, forgetting that they gave us Aids the minute they landed and violeted us killing our spirits so that we would not taste freedom even when it was given us.
There you have it more evidence, even when you are meant to be blessed you are cursed.
It hit me again. Was He really White?
Then one day He opened my eyes.
Colour is not His primary thing, humanity is shallow.
Then I realised that long before anyone came from any continent, long before anyone took anybody’s land. Long before anyone raped anyone and enslaved them in their own backyard, we had everything we needed but we gave it all away.
We thought we were waiting for Him but He was always waiting for us.
He had given us too much power already and would not disempower us by medling. He wanted us to rise. He believed in us. He wanted us to rise not against White power or any colour power but against darkness that distroys humanity in one form or another.
We had to rise; not He.
Until we got that we were powerless, sitting and waiting. Until we knew our power in Him, until we took up our weapons given to us long before but we had forgotten how.
The key that was lost in Eden was a key for our rule not over each other. He waited for us to find our key again.
He waits for us to rise to take up our weapons and distroy the enemies of the soul. The enemy that fights against humanity will not come from heaven because heaven already came down to give the power back to us.
However it was the day that Obama became the president of America that I knew without a doubt that God never was White.
He waits for time. He waits for us to come to know the power we have been given.

(c) siki dlanga

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