Thursday, April 29, 2010

A poem for my country

South Africa

You who is robed in multi-coloured robes
You whose unity shows best in times of division
Whose peace reigns when they say you are at war
You Mzantsi my country
Whose love shines best when they talk of hatred
South Africa
Lend me your robe
Let me wear it
I want to shine brightly too like you
You whose languages are poetry
The least clan is like a mighty tribe
Whose tribes are unique in their culture
And rich in tongue
Mzantsi; nations within a nation
Whose wealth is not its gold
Nor is it bright coloured sun
Nor is it her vast seas
Vuka mzantsi vuka! Awake in your beauty!
Awake in your strength
Awake in the fullness of the magnificence
Of your many coloured robes.
South Africa whose glory is
You at your best;
Lend me your multi-coloured robe!

©siki dlanga
for my country with love

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