Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where is the song that will unite the nation

You promised us a song.

Why aren't you singing?

Where is the musician?

Where is your drum?

Why are you not beating your drums,

We want to dance to your tune.

We want to sing with you.

The world is waiting for

our own song.

They heard that music

comes from our shores.

They heard that all sound

was birthed from our valleys and our hills

where the Zulu dancer shakes the earth

Where the Xhosa Mbongi bellows poetry

and directs the course of kings

where chiefs cannot speak until

he has sung his poetic song

The horses of Lesotho beat the earth

calling us to a new world

and see the world from mountain tops.

The miners have seen the gold

but we are still waiting for

a song that will cause us to bear

that gold with our bare hands.

Where is the musician?

(c) siki dlanga

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