Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome! Welcome!

The women have swept the stage
AmaNdebeles have completed their artwork
The Greatest African Calabash is ready
Men, women and children are seated around
The visitors are here
The meat has boiled
The Soccer City Calabash is swirling with umqombothi
The women have had a sip
There is no poison in Soccer City
The hooves of Bulls have Stormed the grounds

The South African Vuvuzela trumpets have sounded
The heavens are opened
Heaven's been waiting
Thank you Lord
The Godhead has heard
The rain has fallen

Amapantsula' shoes are ready
Izicathamiya are ready
Imbongi igrhamzile
Rhemrha Heha!
His tail is in midair
Sepp Blatter knows it
He has been feeling it

The angels have ascended and descended
Lifting the greatest calabash to heaven
Heaven's taken a big whiff
Heaven likes this
Heaven likes this

Madiba is coming!
Madiba is witnessing this!
Madiba lived to see this!
Madiba gave us this.
Thank you Tata
And to those who went before us
Thank you Khosa
Thank You Danny
Thank you Safa
Thank you Carlos
Thank you Bafana our golden boys
Jabulani is awaiting the first kick
President Gedleyihlekisa
Will you dance for us
Will you sing for us
Will you dance for us
Like King David danced
Before the Lord
In this historic party
Just this one time

(c) siki dlanga

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