Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 New Year's poem - The Moon

Does the moon count
How many more sleeps?
Or does it simply slip
Through another year?
Does its light dim
With each passing year
Or does it scotch?
Groaning for the promised
Unending new day
Of its former way.

Where is its favourite abode?
Where would it rather live?
Is it a wondering light
Lost in time?
Since it never lives
In any one place,
Does it simply kill time?
Till eternity cries;
Your light has come!
Your Light has come!
Then it shall forever be freed
From wondering.
It shall die.
It shall die.
A happy death.
Letting go
Of time's loneliness
For the true Light
Has finally come.
The moon is no longer
Space and time's prisoner.

© Siki Dlanga
31 Dec 2012

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