Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Know Nothing About France

I know nothing about France
I know only of what I have heard
I only heard rumours
I heard rumours
That France
Was a ruthless coloniser of Africa

I know nothing about France
Only one sip of French tea
Made me believe
That it is true
That the French
Have great taste

I know nothing about the French
I only know of exotic French-Algerians
I know of Zidane’s magnificent boot
I know of Cecile’s spectacular grace
I know of her passion for God
I know of her fire to spread God’s love
I know of the miracles that follow her

I know of the message of God
That sits restless at the tip of her tongue
Tongues like fire
Are waiting
To baptise masses with the Spirit
I know that when she steps back into France
Heaven steps in with her
The earth with shake
Demons will flee
When she steps in France
France will be colonised by heaven
I know that when they see her
They will know that
Is not
The same
The power of resurrection
Is at work within her

There is power in her right hand
She will raise her right hand
Like Moses raised his stick
Whenever a miracle had to happen
Miracles will happen
When she lifts her hands to heaven
She will be called
Miracle woman

© siki dlanga
For Cecile with love

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