Monday, August 19, 2013

Heaven is here

Heaven is here 
It is not leaving this time around
Something's gotta give 
And heaven is not letting go
Feel the cloud fall on you like a blanket
don't worry if you stagger
Great priests of old have fallen
Not from sin but under glory
Unable to perform their duties
Those who have disbelieved
given to them by angels
Have been dumbstruck for nine months
What are you going to do
When an angel comes knocking 
When he starts telling you things you have never heard
What are you going to do
Heaven is here
This time it will not lift
It wants in
Something must come out
What does heaven look like anyway
Don't worry 
It won't wait for you to wonder this time around
I don't want to be dumbstruck like Zacharias 
I just want to be like Mary 
I just want to believe
However great heaven looks like
Heaven is here and it ain't liftin this time

Heaven is here by Siki Dlanga 

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