Saturday, August 10, 2013

Yes I am a Poet. I am an Illustrator.

Yes I am a Poet
I am an Illustrator
I write on the grains of the earth
On the coast of the tip of Africa
I write so that words of life will be blown by the wind of the ocean
Transported to the body of the continent
I write so that the wind would whisper the identity of the child in Congo to know that she, he has worth unmeasurable
I write so that the wind will sing to the refugee looking for the hope of peace
That hope and peace is possible in a hopeless land
I draw in the sky
So that the wind will lift it up to the clouds
Let the clouds interpret it over every nation to see
To wonder
To question
To hope
To find
To not stop until their neighbours too have their inheritance
I write at the tip of Africa
Where Mandela learnt wisdom
I let the wind blow the words
To every nation of the earth
I let the ocean carry it wherever it wishes
Washes it off like a shell
So that the old man in China
Will also pick up his pen
And tell us things
We have never before

Poem & Illustration By Siki Dlanga
Last day of the campaign

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