Tuesday, October 29, 2013

JESUS My Everything

Jesus, my perfect world.
Jesus, my life made perfect.
Jesus, my every perfect thing.
Jesus, when I look at You my very broken and imperfect world is made perfectly whole.
Jesus when I look at You it is so hard not believe. Faith is. I don't have to create it or stir it up.
Jesus, Life, Resurrection, Light, Way, Truth, Great Shepherd, humble Lamb, Invincible Lion.

Jesus - my whole world, my whole life, my everything, my happiness, my victory, my healing, my forgiveness, my greatest gift, my resurrection, my absolute everything magnificent. You're so brilliant You make me look good by just walking next to You.
Jesus - my addiction, my obsession, my passion, my devoted friend, my brother, my Lord, My King, My Eternal Lover, My Messiah... 

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