Monday, August 25, 2014

The Music Coke Can Chap

Taxi story: It was raining hard. He quickly opened the cockroach taxi door for me before my hands could reach and get even more wet. I stepped inside thankful and regretful. I regretted the fact that it was raining. My poor painting! 

What I regretted more was being forced to be inside that cockroach taxi as a result. What was this horrible smell? Lord? It smelt like a couple of people hadn't bathed, people often smell nice and fresh in taxis. In fact you won't find fresher, cleaner smelling people together. 

I looked at the young man next to me and he was certainly responsible for more than half of this unpleasant odor.  He shifted closer to me. Underneath the unpleasant odor and dirty clothes he had such a pleasant spirit. I felt it in the manner with which he opened the door for me. I would just have to be strong then. He fumbled in his red bag and brought out a can of Coke and music out of the Can of Coke!!! 

I'm like Wow what is that? He explained the creative musical object to me with a dimpled smile. All of a sudden all smells were forgiven if they were to achieve this! I was so impressed with him I told him that I was paying his taxi fare! I was compelled to. I was so impressed with him. I wanted him to know how special he was. 

His eyes sparkled as I asked him to explain this Coke can musical object. He took old phone parts and turned them into a mobile mp3 player! How is that! "I can fix anything.  I taught myself!" He fixes TV sets, radios, phones and now he wants to explore the world of refrigerators too!


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