Saturday, November 1, 2014

DearBlackMan: honour yourself

#DearBlackMan I was thinking a very sad thought. I was thinking about black men who are married who also have multiple girlfriends sometimes in the presence of their sons.

Sometimes with girls as old as their sons. So that their sons will continue to do the same without thinking just how terribly disrespectful this act is. It is not only disrespectful to the son and the mother but to the man who commits the act. How will we regain this self-respect? No, I am not talking about Senzo. I am talking about what I have seen. Too many times.

This is surely one of the many things we must lament.

Of course I am not saying white men never commit adultery believe me I have seen it, not once. Allow me to talk to black men because I have seen this too often.

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