Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cape Town's Moment

All eyes seem to be on Cape Town. The ANC celebrates its 103 celebrations in Cape Town the place where there has been much talk about racism particularly in the last few months. The ANC's choice then to bring their celebrations to Cape Town is strategic. It will be a success for that day, I do not know if it will be a success in the months to follow. It is however an important gesture to put pressure against racism perhaps. 

Cape Town is also the place where the fire of revival is supposed to breakout. Revival looks like restitution, reconciliation and healing. It's not some airy fairy thing. Cape Town is perhaps facing her finest hour. She was born to rewrite the books of history. She will turn the city on its head. She will heal the nations. If this fire is real it's going to look like love! Wait a minute didn't Jim Lafoon address this about Cape Town and the fire in relationships and healing? I think it's time to dance to the tune of healing fire. There's no denying it now. The music is only just beginning. The fire is only about to get hotter. Dance by choice or by...

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