Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Good Looking DearBlackMan

I just complimented a very good looking #DearBlackMan on his shirt. Truth is his haircut was on point. And the texture of his hair is just simply stunning. His shoes and pants are just the right colour combination. The trouble is, I couldn't possibly tell him all of that as it would have all seemed like I was trying to do something of which I really wasn't.

I complimented a young dear white man on his hat the other day. The way he also lit up as this one did, this reveals to me that people are stingy out there with compliments.

But, once I saw a #dearblackman who was so smart and good looking on a train to work once. I was so awestruck I couldn't even bring myself to compliment him. Instead I nearly got off the wrong train station. I thought such silly things only happen in the movies. Thankfully I have only been awestruck once. So no jumping off the wrong station.
#confessionsofablackwoman #fortheloveofmensfashion

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