Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Dear Black Man: My Grandfather S'nama Boyce

#DearBlackMan Thursday: while in other parts of Africa and the world the oppression of women prevails, I salute this #DearBlackMan who is my late grandfather. It is because of him that I have never believed that I was an inferior species because of my gender. As a little girl I noted that he never gave anyone the opportunity to believe that females were less than males. This was evident in how the chores were distributed. A girl was expected to be able to perform traditional male duties. Boys were also expected to be able to excel in all things. This is my grandfather. Legend of legends. The man who baptised all his grandchildren with kisses until the day he died. He was many things but today I must honour him for this.

I also honour the majority of men in the Eastern Cape. They could be men in the streets or in taxis or else where but I have admired and continue to admire the way they treat women with honour and the way they respond to men who don't. Sometimes I meet men young and old in the streets who go out of their way to honour me as a woman. Sometimes I think it maybe because they are making up for men who don't. Power to the #DearBlackMan you are a healer of the female soul.

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