Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Theory on relating blah blah blah

Distance = time x rate

Relationally the greater the result of the distance the closer the relationship…..isn’t that wonderful!

Take God for example. He lives in infinity time(hours spent) x frequent rate (of visitation) = God living inside of you, in you around you, through you and knows your thoughts before you speak them. It’s just too cool…

“Love is not satisfied with distance!” – Joseph Prince

We stay away from those we don’t love and close to the ones we do. True or false?

One of my favourite quotes on love is Rick Warren’s “Love is spelt time.”

However, there are many ways to speak about this, some may argue that it is time spent thinking about God, or people, some may say time spent serving, time spend pondering which gifts to give an by the time they receive them they’ve no idea how much agony has gone into it and perhaps if it is not the right gift may even be received as a non-loving act, words (prayers to God), chatting with or my favourite actually spending time and being with your favourite people. If I can’t be there physically, there are sms’, phone calls (I am not big on calls I really prefer to write or to be there and drink coffee together), emails that just mean I am thinking of you even if I am not using those words exactly.

We can also bring it down to what do we do to love ourselves? I again need time by myself, the time before bed is probably one of my favourite moments of the day. If I would give myself more time then it would be great it is then I often thank God I am not married because that solo moment is just a taste of heaven. It is a quiet moment with God and self and there is time to reflect on the day, if it was a fantastic day then wonderful, if it was a terrible day then, praise God it is over. I always promise myself that I will end the day in joy no matter what, I refuse to go to bed sad as the worst moment of the day was. Then there is tomorrow, the moment of waking up in silent reflection and inner prayers to an upward God. Whispered words between God and self, a cup of coffee in a peaceful environment describes a perfect morning however it would be more perfect if I sent an sms of encouragement, or a thought or practiced writing in the morning but there is never time to do that.

There are however distances that I respect and do not temper with such as the distance between the sun and the earth and it is not that I do not love the sun or mars for that matter, I love them where they are and don’t want them any closer to earth because they serve a purpose and some relationships are a lot like that and some are galaxies away and we love each other through emails and we are all happy because we know those are the boundaries that have been drawn for us and they are good, anything closer would mess up the solar system, anything further would do the same. However they are some relationships that are kept away by mere fears as beautifully put by Miss Smith and those are not good.

Don’t ask me where you stand, if you have to ask you’re probably a star and that too is good, and I love my stars, they shine beautifully. There are always those relationships that are completely out of equilibrium of course, those that are much further than they should be and bring a certain discomfort and an adjustment within ourselves to try shift something on the inside of us to not feel those missing spaces within us or do the best we can to forget, but it never really works that well.

We simply live as we can and sometimes we should do something or simply wait, wait for healing, wait for peace, wait for love, wait for the gap to close some other way like discovering a new cousin when you lost one which you cannot forget and the pain loss will simply not go away.

Swallowed into time at an unwelcome rate and created the most horrible distance.

That is the haunting pain I sleep with every day for now. It certainly has been the thief of my good moment before sleep, while I ponder on the most beautiful relationships I have acquired this year and of course the more time I have spent with God this year, is that He is so much better than I thought He was. That is the joy I sleep to and awake up to no matter what, and I am keen to close the distance between us as much as possible, while I cannot see His face, perhaps I can but touch it, perhaps He can kiss my forehead, perhaps He can close the gap of my most intense aches of loss at a fast rate. Perhaps the year has been like picking roses this year and getting seriously pricked in the process but I have my bunch of some of the most gorgeous roses I have ever seen. I feel as though I have been hiding this year, next year I will come out and play!

May you be blessed with greater love!

Thank you for the moments of contact this year - I bet they have been rare but important nonetheless.

p.s. feel free to expound on my theory. i'm sure the scientists here will tell me that my theory is totally whacked but it works for me :)

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