Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love is not scarce so Fall Quietly Out-Of-Love

There is no scarcity of love. We hoard expired expressions of love because we think that is all there is to love. People are vessels like messengers, like the postman with a letter. Why would you hold on for dear life to the postman? How will he bring you a letter tomorrow? Take the message, let him go but take the message. The message is Love from Love. Love is a river we are not meant to stagnate. Let it flow. Love is not scarce, there is always greater proportions than the best love you have known. The invitation is to delve deeper still. Never to stop pursuing love. The best way to pursue love is to give it freely. God is love, thus love is the lightest and purest thing there is. If it is dark and impure it was a form of love but not love.

Fall Quietly out of Love

Out of love
Why keep a love
Beyond the time
It was given?

Put it all in your hands
Open them
Offer it back to the sky
Let it go from whence it came
Let it fly like the butterflies in your belly
Let them fall
And you
Must fall
Quietly out of love
And your love
Will forever be beautiful
As long as it is viewed
Within the time-frame
Of its possibility

Instead of a flower
That comes in season
You shall see a tree of love
An oak to ground you
Whichever way the windblows
This tree blows with you
It goes nowhere
It knows no season
It will stay
You can build on it
You can eat its fruit
Because this love
Is forever
It does not come and go
It is with you every season

Love never ends
It only continues
In different ways
Through different people
Flow in the river of love
Do not stop the flow
Or you will know
A lesser love

from your dear friend,

© siki dlanga
20 Sept 2011

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