Friday, March 30, 2012

About the Blue Book

Go, go, go up yonder
Go where words will take you
Where thoughts are ladders
Into heaven’s library
Go up, go up
Up the ladders
Through the clouds
Where books light up
There stretch out your hand
Take hold of the blue book
There lies what you ought to write
Pulling down stories
From heaven to earth
Bringing praise to God
By making known
His words
Go up the ladder
Beyond your mind
Lose track of your thoughts
Get lost in the words
That long existed
Before you were born
Waiting in time for you to pen
Write what you see
Write what you hear
Write what you touch
There write about
Messengers of God
Whose hair does not burn
Though they are in the fire
Though they are fire
They neither smoke nor burn up
Write of light without shadows
Write of sparkling jewels
The size of mountains
Close your eyes
Write these words
As inscribed in the blue book
The angels have opened to you
Write of what is
Yet remains unseen by the carnal mind
Write of what was
So that we will know how we can be
Write of what is to come
Because words
Become worlds

© siki dlanga
17 March 2012
Inspired by a joke by Isi De Gesirgney” about the blue book”, inspired by Esme Schmitt’s vision of “heaven’s library”. Written for every writer who longs to translate heavenly activities in earthly languages.

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