Friday, March 30, 2012

Cornè Jacob's Ladder

Centered in the midst
Of an angelic symphony
By a whirlwind
Of peace and power
You are the one
Who abides in His presence

You have become
An angelic attraction
Your head moves
Sometimes to one side
Another time to another side
As though alarmed
Ducking angels wings
If you opened your eyes
You would see
That in fact heaven
Is right around you
Angelic activity
Moving from heaven to earth
Jacob’s ladder
Releasing revelation
Heavy laden with heavenly gifts
Leaving them at the foot of the ladder
Where you are
Around you
Anyone who sees
Can walk away
With whatever they need
From heaven

His voice surrounds you
Like water spinning around you
You stand
In a whirlwind
Of God’s voice

(c) siki dlanga
for Cornè Pretorious as per facebook request

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