Sunday, September 2, 2012

Inspiration to Believe

We live by faith and not by sight so that the God of glory may display His glory through us.
What greatness is there if all I achieve is what I can fulfill in my own human strength? It seems noble but it is not only boring but it is a lot smaller than what is really possible. Faith is an invitation to live larger and beyond yourself.

Yes, there is a higher place to live from. This is a place where eagles soar, a place where lions close their mouths and rather choose to sit with you for a night rather than shred you to pieces.

There is a place where the fire does not burn a single strand of your hair because you have greater, truer fire that burns brighter in you than any fire you could ever be placed in. This is when the all consuming fire shows up in the midst of the man-made fire.

Then you can dance in the fire. This is faith which the just shall live by. This is the faith that makes us righteous.

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