Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Peace of Jerusalem

I'm listening to the sounds of the city of Jerusalem. It is chabad. I can feel that this city is made of relationships. I saw it as everything was shut down today and people enjoyed rest. Sons walked with their fathers. Little children were with their parents. Husbands were with their wives walking hand in hand at ease with one another in silence.

I could feel that what gives Jerusalem its energy is its ability to stop and worship G_d for a full night and a full day every week. When people walk together slowly not rushing anywhere once a week, what they do is that they get to enjoy each other. Relationships become the focal point.

Today I have seen the peace of Jerusalem. It exists. Peace is indeed not an absence of war and turmoil but the ability to be still before God as though there were no guns at the boarders of your country. Peace is the faith to enjoy God and the people He has given you because no matter what is happening. This is truly what matters in life. Nothing else does.

There is no living without loving. Living without loving is like a cistern without water. It is like a city without people.
Living without loving is a purposeless life since the highest purpose of living can only be loving.

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