Monday, June 3, 2013

Malika Ndhlovu the Great Poetess

Today, my favourite poet in South Africa emailed me! In fact in the world. Yes Malika Ndlovu emailed Siki Dlanga. It's a whole other story though whether I qualify or not for what she emailed about. I still feel like a winner by virtue of having received an email from her. I feel unbelievably memorable right now because she has no real reason to remember me since she is such a busy and famous poet. When she performs her poetry, she transports you into the most beautiful dream I swear it. You never know whether you're awake or in a beautiful dream all you know is that whatever it is, it must never end. When she is done your hands are too weak to clap and your voice too awestruck to speak. She is that great.

Yes Malika Ndhlovu spoke to me today. She did!

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