Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Resurrection of Poetry - Finding the Pot of Gold

Well, yesterday a friend and I literally drove through the end of the rainbow. The colours vanished in our car or sprang out from it! In another continent, in Asia, a friend of mine tells me that she put up a slide of my poetry without knowing about my rainbow day, she used rainbows for my poetry.

This can only mean good things for my poetry campaign with 

My campaign has begun TODAY! I have 45 days to go to make at least R 20, 000.00 towards my poetry book printing. 

Only to find out someone else already beat them to it! And so the poetry story GOES.... I have two fears! I am afraid that someone will give me a million bucks and the campaign will be over in a matter of days. Or that it won't reach as wide an audience as I would like it to. Well, while I was busy writing this blog  I received a supporter that threatened to be a poetry resurrector! 

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