Monday, July 15, 2013


27 is the number after 26 and before 28
26 is a gang name
28 is my little brother’s birth date
Day 27 of the 4th month is our Freedom Day
My country is in the tip of Africa
It is a cup and the rest of Africa is the overflow
This is why it is that when I beat the drum at the tip of Africa
The child in central Africa dances but does not know why
The 27th day of the fourth month
Is the day South Africa understood it was a rainbow
Day 27 is the day Africa believed in dreams again
27 is the telephone code of the republic
27 years of freedom fighting behind bars made Mandela famous
27 in Mathematics is a perfect cube
There are 27 books in the New Testament
Feng Shui tells me to keep 27 identical coins to raise money for my poetry venture
My poetry campaign began with the sky painted with rainbows all day
When I reach my goal
The child in central Africa will most likely drop his gun
And dance
A small victory for the pen at the tip of Africa may inspire an exchange of guns for pens
27 is an important number
Anything is possible
Ask Mandela
Ask the first voters in the rainbow nation
There are 27 days to victory
27 days before twenty thousand rands

27 by Siki Dlanga

'burning pen' illustration by siki dlanga


Ruth Odigie said...

Love this, Siks
It has a fresh style to it

Siki Dlanga said...

enkosi sisi.

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