Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Hudsonian and the pie

I had an encounter with a school going boy. We were both in a queue for the best pies in the world called Shamrock pies. (only found in the Eastern Cape, esp. EL). This boy was hanging his arms on a food counter like he was expecting to be unattended to for a very long time. He was wearing a white shirt, shorts and long socks which meant that he was still in primary school. I interrupted his unpleasant wait and asked: "Is there anyone serving here?"
He turns around almost to inform me why he waited with such defeat.
"No. This alwaaaaays happens. They always take forever."
I said:"All you need to do is call them and they'll come and serve you."
Indeed, I waved and called. A tanned almost shrievelled up white lady responded immediately.
I said to the now fresh blond boy:"Look, I told you. All you need to do is just call."
He cheered up. He couldn't believe it worked that easily.
He was the first one in the queue so it was natural that he should be the first recepient of the world's best pie. This boy refused to order before me.
"No you order first." He cheerfully insisted a few times. Eventually I accepted.
I was so proud of him.
He was a tall boy with such good manners. I thought I don't remember kids in my day being this lovely. More so he was a Hudsonian. He had a red eagle on his shirt.
I did not tell him that I too was an old eagle.
I left singing to myself "fearless as the eagle,... honour and justice we will always uphold. Tentando superabis by endeavor we'll succeed..."
At my next stop I had to practice the same patience offered to me by the eaglet to a granny.
I then contemplated if there should be a #DearWhiteBrother in response to the Oscar story.  After all, Byrandt blessed all women on Saturday. He released a heavenly blessing and affirmation over women. He was wearing his African shirt. He too is a dear white brother.

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