Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Old to NEW Politics
History is a good barometer. It tells of the present and helps us engage with the future. South Africa is headed toward a very good place.
Between 1779 and 1879, nine frontier wars were fought in the Eastern Cape mainly between the Xhosas and British. The last war was the worst. A false prophecy by a Xhosa girl misled her people into destroying all their cattle and crops; in return the spirits had promised to sweep the British into the sea. It was concluded that the prophecy was the skillful work of Xhosa enemies. This led to the starvation of Xhosa people and an important victory for the English. This story reveals that it is no coincidence that later the struggle heroes mostly emerged from this region.
Of late, British sons are taking Xhosa daughters for wives. We have come full circle. The lost cattle in the Eastern Cape are slowly returning through lobola! Intermarriage is a sure sign that war is over.
God has brought us this far. History is His story. Next year promises the birth of new politics. The bar will be lifted and this country is headed to its destined glory. Merry Christmas!
“Better is the end of a thing than its beginning;” (Eccl 7:8).

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