Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"All is fair in love and war" - Frank Farleigh

Someone came up to me this past Friday and asked me this question: "Tell me what is it with British men and Xhosa women?"

To my dismay, I was without an answer.

I thought mmmh she is right I have never quiet thought of it really. I also knew of some Xhosa girls who have dated British men.

Their beauty and confidence is not quiet and they are pretty vocal too. Perhaps I could even say they are pretty intimidating but clearly the British have a secret. I found out the secret.... it goes way back.

The two met at the river in 1879 at the banks of the Eastern Cape rivers..... the rest is history. A young girl called Nongqawuse started it all.

Our fame lies in the unpopular and popular women such as:
Winnie Mandela; whatever one might say - I respect this woman. She went through hell and back and stood all kinds of atrocities against her. Though among other things that smeared her name the Stompie case was the final straw. She lived the times where nothing was normal. It was all about war and injustice and the driving force was the attainment of freedom. Like the Apostle Paul says: “you yourselves make sure that you are not disqualified.” Somehow I feel like she was disqualified because of somethings. Like an athlete who runs in the final stages of their race and under-pressure runs on top of the line he is disqualified from attaining any prize.
Brenda Fassie (controversial)
Mariam Makeba (history making beauty)
and many others today like Siphokazi, Simphiwe Dana (too new age but brilliant anyway...)

and many other ordinary extra-ordinary xhosa women who held the fort in the Eastern Cape while they raised history makers and nation shapers like Mandela, Mbekis, OR, Hani, and many unsung heroes who died fighting the good fight.

It's a light take on history......

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