Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What keeps you alive?

What keeps you alive?
What is your inspiration to live? Why did Mandela come out of 27years of imprisonment still alive with vision - his spirit brighter than it ever was. Why didn't he fall apart from despair and hopelessness?

A friend of mine shared with me recently that the people who survived the worst concentration camps were those who imagined a life beyond the obvious inhuman death that seemed to await them. (it's as if they did not give it permission to kill them and it didn't. They believed and they lived).

On Sunday at the Baxter Nathi asked Tim to read us an excerpt from a book Good to Great. What stood out for me was this line: "Commitment to Prevail." That is what separates good companies from great ones, they are always committed to prevail at every moment of difficulty.
No wonder Jesus invites us to overcome and cowardice is rated at the same level as the worst sins. Fortunately He offers to be our strength.

If you celebrate Christmas we are 23days away from celebrating the gift that was given to us. I hope this gift means something to you.
A friend of mine noted that African-Americans and African worship songs were mostly about the hope of heaven. She said they had to look for something beyond earth to survive their discouraging realities. The hope gave them something to live for.

What will history say about our generation when so much has been overcome on our behalf - yet we still have so much more to fight for as wars breakout, Mugabe remains on his throne, Mumbai burns, AIDS increases by a further 2million in SA etc. etc. what's your role what's my role...

I say we are fit to prevail. We have what it takes to be great. We have been given all the power we could ever possibly need. We have all the love, peace and grace we could ever ask for. If we think we do not have -grace has been extended for us to ask and we shall recieve if we believe when we ask.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS.... you're so much more greater than what you think.
You are so much more...
the love of God, peace and grace to you this season xxxSiki

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