Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Being Alive

Not everyone wants to be alive. It is easier to be dead I have noticed. Everyone is born alive, tasting things for the first time and discovering new things and enjoying every discovery. At some point during growth men and women begin to die, bit by bit. The pain of life comes and stings one part and the brave continue to live and for others it is an instant death. We make vows of death such as "I will never again" we shut ourselves indoors trying to find safety but we do not realise that we shut ourselves from the sun too and the beauty of the rainbow. We die professing to be surviving. We never live.

I want to feel the sunshine pernetrate my eyes. I want to feel the heat of fire burn my hands, the cool of the rain washing my skin. I want to embrace the pain of death so that I will give it all up as I experience the fullness of life.

I want to be alive with everyone else around me.

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