Monday, April 9, 2012

God's love letter to Nobulali

Ububele abubulali
Xa uhleli
Ebubeleni bokwenyaniso
Ungalala ungenavalo
Ungacimela ulibale apho ukhoyo
Ungalala nasesifubeni
Uxelise uYohane
Elele esifubeni sikaYesu
Apho Akhoyo akukho koyika

Your inheritance is not an issue
It is not something to pursue
It was settled in heaven
Long before you ever lived
The issue is this simple
Will you let God nourish you
Will you let Him keep you
God’s request is this basic
Will you let Him love you
The way He always wanted to
His issue with you is this simple
Will you receive His love without fear
Will you forget
Will you forgive
Will you receive His love for you completely
It is not an issue of right and wrong
It is an issue of love

You see
You were named from the lips of kindness
Since you were made to exist in kindness
Kindness is available to you
Without limit
Without measure
Like a mother with breasts full of milk
Willing for their young one to feed
So God is full of the milk of human-kindness
Towards you
His desire to nourish you is more intense
Than any intense emotion
You have ever experienced
His desire for you is strong
It shuts down every noise in the universe
It cuts between every accusation
Everything else becomes nothing
Since only one thing matters to Him
His love for you

Ububele baKhe abubulali
Lala esifubeni sakhe ulibale
Uxele uYohane
Yiva uthando lwakhe
Luphele novalo

© siki dlanga
April 2012
sis Lali... I think this is God's love letter to you. This is what came out. Love you!

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