Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zella's Dance

Of Zella
What shall say?
Where shall I find the words?
Does she know
That she is the reason
I have remained silent
How do you dance?
Why is it that your body
Can do what it does?
What music do you dance to?
What is the name of your stage?
And what is its measurement?
Does God make us believe
That you dance on our stage
While you dance
In His immeasurable stage

Your spirit is so expansive
Your body is inside your spirit
With your movements
We are transported to another realm
With your every turn
We are ushered through
When we return we are not the same
Tell me what song do you hear?
Yours is the rhythm of the throne room
Yours is the dance
Of wild fearsome angels
You dance between them
You move with their rhythm
As though they were mere pillars
Those fiery beings lift you up
They spin you around
When they lower you to earth
You burn
Sometimes your body cannot contain it
Yet you return for more
For with every fiery dance
Every heavenly visit
Your capacity expands
What do they call your dance in heaven?

© siki dlanga
as per facebook request

You are a dance I can't describe and a poem I can't write. You are spectacular and I am deeply moved by who you are. I am blessed blessed blessed by you Zella. There are things I can't even describe...what sort of being are you? Things that have pulled me to something higher and saved me. really. As you can see the poem is full of questions because you a wonder and I am mesmerized.

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