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1Samuel 25:25-27 NET
"My lord should not pay attention to this wicked man Nabal. He simply lives up to his name! His name means 'fool,' and he is indeed foolish! But I, your servant, did not see the servants my lord sent. "Now, my lord, as surely as the LORD lives and as surely as you live, it is the LORD who has kept you from shedding blood and taking matters into your own hands. Now may your enemies and those who seek to harm my lord be like Nabal. Now let this present that your servant has brought to my lord be given to the servants who follow my lord."


I have heard it preached many times sadly by women, that a woman must submit to her husband at all times even when he is wrong as long as she has alerted her husband, whatever he choses to do or not to do is on his head and it is no longer on the woman's head. Not so with Abigail. Abigail heard of the folly of her husband, she knew that his folly had placed them under great danger, even death. She was not about to submit to a foolish death sentence. She would act quickly and without his knowledge because he would prevent her from doing what is right. I believe that she was inspired or motivated by God to act as she did. She did so even though she knew her husband's foolishness, she was not afraid of his reaction afterwards.
Abigail's response to David was almost poetic in her choice of her words to appease his rage. She spoke to his identity and prophetically declared his destiny. David must have been so impressed by her that he thought "I wish that fool dies so that I can marry that beautiful, wise woman who understands me so well and is so convinced about my destiny in these trying days."

Nabal died. David married Abigail in 10 days she did not even get a chance to mourn. She felt honoured by David for marrying her. She could have died had she submitted to a foolish decision by her late husband but instead he died alone with his foolishness. Abigail chose to submit to God instead. She moved from being a rich fool's wife to being a handsome, wise king's wife.

I do not think women are always right or should have their way all the time in marriage. I believe that submission is key to any successful marriage. I however have wondered how many Christian wives are sensitive enough to believe God and submit to Him in matters that could overturn death and bring salvation but because of a twisted idea of submission have dismissed the strong conviction that could have led to life. I even wonder if this weird idea of submission is passivity, an abdication of one's will since the husband becomes the one who shapes all things. (I am simplifying the situation I know) I am not concerned about day to day matters I am concerned about matters that shape destiny. I am concerned about the woman taking up her place in the kingdom and having a defined impact and voice of her own within the union of marriage otherwise it is not a union if only one man runs the show. Then, it is a one man show and the other is a mere audience.

I have been inspired by the few women who are married who are unafraid of having a voice that shapes destiny but equally I have felt a growing desire to see married women finding their voice and using it. What would happen if women saw what God has placed within them without shutting it down. I want to see and hear her growl like a lionesses growling for her cubs. Yes she has a voice it is distinct and it does not need to be taught because no one can be her.

Sarah submitted to Abraham and called him lord but she also had a voice that directed Isaac's destiny therefore a nation's future. She dictated Ishmael's boundary, it would be there and not here. Rachel did the same though a little more cunning. Mary said "yes" to having a baby without consulting her future husband first. She made an intense decision that would alter all of humanity without consulting any man to give her permission to follow God and do something wildly radical as give birth to The Christ. In fact, she later submitted the matter to another woman (Elizabeth) under the angels guidance.

In this hour I am finding that the ministry given by women is the most powerful and anointed than any other kind than before. I feel as though it is an anointing that has been poured out for the time but also because of a promise, that your sons and daughters shall prophecy. Yet I cannot stop feeling as though many more women, particularly the married ones are supposed to be doing this but most are too busy hiding behind their husbands.

I respect every man that has ever preached and still preaching may they continue but where are the daughters who are keeping the word that is given for you to share? However, who can demonstrate what being The Bride looks and feels like but a woman? Who will model it so that it will be cooperatively echoed and lived out until we all say in one voice "Come Lord Jesus, Come".

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