Thursday, April 12, 2012


I know that
I promised you verses
It had to be true verses
Not just written on any day
I had to wait for a day
Where a way
Had been made for my heart to be able to say
Without a single hint of ingratitude

You see gratitude
Is not an attitude
Found in the pit of hell
Is what set apart the one leper
From the other nine lepers Jesus healed
Is what multiplied the loaves and the fishes
Gratitude is what fed the five thousand and the four thousand

I could not just write you verses
I had to wait for a day
Where my heart was overflowing with gratitude
Gratitude is an attitude of heaven
My heart had to be sanctified
My thoughts had to be rectified
My language had to be a mirror of heaven

Do you know
That gratitude
Angelic attention
When they see it
When they hear it
They position themselves
To multiply loaves and fishes
This is why I had to wait for my heart to be true
It opens the gates of heaven
It opens the very gates of God’s heart
How then can impurity be found
In my heart
When I say

© siki dlanga

*Siyabulela is a Xhosa word that means "We are grateful". It is also used as a name.
Xhosa is a South African language spoken in the Eastern Cape, also Mandela's mother tongue and many other amazing heroes,

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